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Aug 22,2014
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Aug 9,2014
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Things I’ve learned in London so far:
1. London is basically a fancier, prettier, and cleaner version of NYC.
2. Everyone is well-dressed at all times.
3. Everything happens on the left side: driving, walking, waiting, sitting, standing…everything. That ain’t right.
4. At any given moment at a restaurant, about 80% of all the tables have at least one alchoholic beverage.
5. Everyone is just pretty in general.
6. Public transportation is so convenient and efficient if planned out correctly. I can never ride a NYC subway or bus the same way ever again.
7. Food is more expensive and less is served. Just proves how fat the US is.
8. There are like 20 different branded plain chips (salted chips) that you can buy. Plus it’s like the only kind of chips you can buy.
9. Only Kelloggs cereal are sold. Unless the local supermarket just has a bias against all other cereal companies.
10. The English accent is authentic as hell. Who would have guessed?

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